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Monday, October 11, 2010

Hungary, Haiti prep and Headquarters Pics

(From Saturday...)

I just got off the phone—well, skype—with a Canadian woman, who lives in Hungary, serving with One Mission Society.  We’d never met before, but I was asked to write a story about the “Baba Mama” ministry she started as a way to minister to young moms in Budapest, so we set up a video interview today.

It was such an encouragement to talk to her.  She continually gave thanks to God, saying, “He is just so kind” or “He is just so gracious.”  Funny after just yesterday, I was asking God to help me trust His love and kindness more.  It’s really amazing how God can use one person so far away, as Kelley blessed me when we were half a world apart.

I’ve been running lots of errands today to get ready for Haiti… I’ve never gone shopping for a mosquito net before.  But I’m ready with the net, repellent and anti-malaria meds.  I found out this week that I’ll need to wear long skirts or dresses during our whole trip.  My friend Sarah graciously lent me hers, what a relief … where do you find summer dresses in October?

Tonight, my neighbors Kyle and Amanda are giving me a Creole lesson :) But first, here are a few photos from some headquarters fun…

Celebrating National Punctuation Day!
Colon cookie, anyone?

Jessica, my lovely cubicle buddy, celebrating in style

This is our department cheesing for a present for our videographer Mark!
Pray for him and his wife Michelle as they move to Taiwan this week.

Thankful today that God heals our waywardness and loves us freely (Hosea 14:4).  Hope you’re feeling His love, too.



  1. When you get back from Haiti, we need to Skype, too!
    Oh man, girl, I want to hear all about it.

  2. Oh man, girl...sounds great! Glad things are going well- you had me worried with the Taihen title haha :)