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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

HAITI- Day 1

We made it to Haiti and it has already been an adventure!  I'm loving it!

Our plane neared the landing strip and alongside the runway was a grassy field maybe 100 or 200 yards wide.  I was so surprised to see children playing, cows grazing and people hanging laundry-- all so close to the planes.  The Cap Haitien airport is the smallest international airport I've ever been to, but it was more than sufficient.

The OMS field director, Brett, loaded our bags into the back of a truck, where we stood as he drove us to the OMS compound.  This was awesome!!  You could see so much and it was just fun...I was standing at the front of the truck bed, so I could see every truck coming straight at us, before Brett veered to the right.

As soon as we arrived at the compound, Brett told me I'd be leaving the Columbus team in a few minutes to stay at the seminary tonight.  Praise God- the timing worked out for me to go to Port au Prince tomorrow with the seminary students!  We'll be leaving at 5:45am.

Brett and his three-year-old, Christina, drove me to the seminary, where the other missionaries had already come from the compound for a prayer meeting.  The seminary buildings are beautiful. Modest-- but nice finished floors and running water.  I'm sleeping in a bed at least for tonight, which is really nice and unexpected!  But the small bugs running across my computer screen remind me that I'm far from home :)

Looking forward to tomorrow and what's in store.


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  1. Yay for real beds! I'll be praying for you today as you travel!