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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Unexpected Blessings

I arrived in Mozambique late last night after flying from Burundi- it took 12 hours with all my stops and layovers! I'm really thankful for a safe trip and that I met up with my contact at the airport. I am feeling so cared for by the Lord.

I just feel like God knew in what ways I had been getting tired and that He has been so gracious to give me a break from some things even when I expected this part of the trip to be rougher than Burundi. I really enjoyed being in Burundi-- while things were a lot different than the U.S., I didn't feel overwhelmed by the conditions or like I really needed a break, but I guess God just knew I could use this day of rest and would appreciate these things:

1. After spending all day traveling and being constantly crammed next to lots of people, I had an empty seat next to me during the last three hours of my flight last night.

2. During this last leg of my flight, I overheard the men behind me talking and I turned around and asked them if they were talking about Jesus. Peter and John are pastors from Canada, and they were just overflowing with joy about God. They really encouraged me, and had I not had the empty seat next to me, I couldn't have been turned around talking to them.

3. They stuck around with me until I found my ride at the airport in Maputo. I had emailed my contact in Mozambique on Sunday, asking for any special last minute instructions about the airport, who would be picking me up and for a description of them if I didn't know them. Well, turns out I didn't have internet after this for me to get his reply, so after unsuccessfully trying to track down his number, I found myself flying into Maputo with no clue who I was looking for (not even whether they would be Mozambican or International) and without any contact phone numbers.

So, here's an example of the type of thing you've been praying over in terms of my travel and me meeting up with people. Praise God, Aimee (an OMS missionary, whom I recognized) found me right as Peter, John and I were trying to call OMS or someone in the States.

4. It's already been great to get to know Aimee. She has been such a great hostess and I'm looking forward to learning more about her ministry here!

5. The chance to stay put for a while. I stayed three different places during the five days I was in Burundi, and I will be in this house for all seven days in Mozambique- this is so great!

6. Part of staying put means I can do some laundry. I was really looking forward to the chance to wash some things even though I thought it would need to be by hand. What a nice surprise that there's a washing machine!!! My things are already washed and out on the line.

I could go on and on, but a few other great things are... having a bed to myself, an air conditioner unit in the room (which means, I didn't have to use a mosquito net last night), a bigger & cleaner bathroom, lots and lots of clean water to drink, a CLEAN house opposed to the guest house (translation: dirty hotel) I came from, and an afternoon to myself to rest, do laundry and catch up with you while Aimee's taking a language exam.

These things are all pretty superficial, but I wanted to write about them, because I just feel so unexpectedly blessed with the ability to relax a little more before another busy week of learning and writing!

I'm really excited about the week lined up for me here! You could be praying that God would show me what to share at the CAM school (Christian Academy in Mozambique) Friday. I just learned I'll be speaking at chapel for 15 minutes to grades K-12. I know that's not that long, but I also know it turns out better if God leads me in what to share. I have no clue what I'll do- let alone what would be relevant to such a wide age range.


  1. So happy to hear this beautiful update... We are praying for you daily and love you dearly... We will be praying for you talk on Friday! A big, big hug!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Loved reading about God's intimate care for you!

    And I know He will use you in the chapel time. One of my favorite things about Jesus's teaching is that He taught to ALL ages at the same time... using stories that must have captured even the youngest child's attention and yet with a challenge for even the oldest, wisest there. I bet you'll do the same. :) xoxoxo