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Sunday, February 20, 2011

OneWeekend and pics from Btown

OneWeekend is only five days away!!!  This weekend-long retreat is an awesome opportunity to deepen your relationship with Jesus, unpack how God might be calling you to missions, and get a clearer understanding of what it's like to be a missionary, as well as the many different ways you might fit in!

It was such a gift to volunteer during part of the first OneWeekend event in Nov. 2010, and I can't wait to see what God has in store for this weekend. 

Please be praying for us (the team facilitating the weekend) and for the 15 participants who will be arriving Friday and staying on OMS campus until Sunday afternoon.  We are praying for five more participants to come this weekend, so if you are interested, please contact me!  

In January, I had the opportunity to go to IU Christian Student Fellowship to share about this opportunity at Encounter, their Thursday night worship service.  I'm so excited that two of the students are already registered for OneWeekend, and we are hoping to see a few more :)

It was snowing so hard that night that I remember my co-workers worrying about me as I headed to Bloomington, but I left this trip feeling so nourished and just reminded that God knows just what we need.  I went down to make an announcement, but left feeling fed... He is good!  The women in the picture below are some of my spiritual sisters...they are quality and deep-- just being around them filled me up!!!  But having the chance to worship, hear Chris' sermon on Romans 10 and connect with supporters and friends made it that much better!

The next day I was able to catch up with my bro over Runcible breakfast...yum!  I stopped by a friend and supporter's home on my way out of town.  I think it had been months since I'd seen Mark and Cindy (and their kids pictured below), but they are dear friends and the first family I lived with while starting to raise support with OMS.  Cindy discipled me during my last couple of years at IU!  What started as a quick visit quickly turned into dinner and then helping put the kids to bed and then heartfelt conversation about some tough stuff and then prayer and then before I knew extra night in Btown.

All this may seem everyday to you, but to me, it is just an example of one of my favorite things-- deep friendship and relationships that God gives us to nourish and encourage us in who He is!!!!  It's easy for me to write this tonight even a few weeks later, because I am finishing this weekend feeling the same thankful for time with good friends, for my church family, for how He has provided!  Praying tonight that He will provide the same for you, too.

"I find myself praying for you with a glad heart." Philippians 1:4


  1. Good to see you wrote something today! ;-)

    My newspaper article got pushed back a couple of weeks - so my evening was a bit less stressful than I had anticipated. I'm glad I didn't miss any of You, Again for the sake of a newspaper article that didn't have to be finished!

  2. Yeah, I figured I better step it up!

    Lol, that would have been a tragedy!! I'm glad you had your priorities straight :) And now you have more time to think of your angle. Thanks again for having me!