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Thursday, November 11, 2010


“And God said, ‘You’re going to go up there aren’t you?’ And I went, and that’s when I committed to missions...”

We sat around a round table at Paradise Café, just a mile from OMS. The OMS Mobilization department was hosting the OneWeekend retreat for anyone considering his or her next step in missions.  These four women had already been through half of OneWeekend.  Just when you may think these participants would be ready for a break from the tough questions and deep conversation, here they were, ready to dig deeper at lunch.

As we sat down at the cafe, one of the girls, a sophomore from Houghton College, finished sharing about how she became a believer in Christ.  It was a beautiful story of God pursuing her and working out seemingly impossible logistics for her to make it to a conference where she met Him and then committed to missions.  We all sat amazed and touched by her story.  I guess what I’m getting at is it showed the Lord’s glory enough to fill you up for a day, but the beautiful thing was, then the other women chimed in, and before we knew it, each of them was sharing a story of God’s grace in their lives.  It was truly amazing.  To think that one story of God intervening in someone’s life can be so powerful and then to realize that our God is so huge that He is big enough to make that kind of impact in each of our lives.  Awesome.

Getting to know these attendees, wrestling through questions with them, praying with them, and seeing them either open to the Lord’s leading or being honest with what’s holding them back…was the highlight of my weekend.

To see each of them seek a respite in the same place where we serve and work everyday gave me a different perspective of headquarters.  It was so great!  The Lord spoke to us during this weekend. What an answer to prayer.  He showed Himself through the attendees, through the facilitators, through answering our prayers in a time of need on Saturday.  He is so huge, and it was such a blessing to spend time with these 30 adults in the exciting stage of seeking where He wants to lead them.



  1. HE is so good. Wish I could have participated. Loved this post. Love YOU! You are a blessing to so many...can't even begin to thank Him for how you have blessed my life...and made it better.

  2. Susan, Thanks for your sweet comment! I'm so thankful for you, too!