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Thursday, January 20, 2011

This and That

Lots of updates around here as December and January have been exciting months in ministry! 

In December, I had the opportunity to share with the Black Culture Club at Bloomington High School South.  One of my college roommates is a teacher there and the club’s sponsor!  She proposed that the club focus on raising money for OMS Homes for Haiti in the new year, so I attended their Kwanzaa celebration and shared with them about my trip to Haiti and how their efforts will be making a difference in Haitian families’ lives!  I loved this opportunity to go meet these students, and I’m so excited to have them working on this project!

Miss Simon gave the students the chance to make a toast with the unity cup.  I loved when a student stood up and said..."Raise your glass if Miss Simon is the best teacher of all time!!!!"  It was so fun to see Steph in her element and watch her interact with her students.  She is using her strengths to make such an impact!!

I’m so excited to share with you that Jessica and I have our first articles in this issue of Outreach!!!  It’s also the first issue we’ve had the opportunity to help proof. Yay!  This is something I’ve been looking forward to contributing to since I started looking into this role two years ago!  Praise God that He has provided this opportunity and the funds needed to get this far!  I’m so thankful!

If you’d like to read the PDF version of the issue go to

If you’d like a print copy and to receive future issues, please email me!

We have a big answer to prayer in that we have hired a contracted web programmer!  Thank you for praying for this!  Our “web guy,” as we affectionately call him, isn’t in our office or an OMS missionary, but it is great to have him working on projects for our website!  Susan and I still manage content on our site, but it has been such a relief for us to be able to pass our more advanced projects on to Ron!

Also web-related, my editor decided to use two stories from this blog on the OMS website!  I had been hoping for the opportunity to share Miss Italienne’s story with more people, so I was excited to hear that she wanted to publish the two posts I wrote about Italienne on our website!

Check out the five new web stories posted this week at!

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